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8 Work from Home Tips

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8 Work from Home Tips by Kinga Burjan

Stress Management: 8 Work from Home Tips

8 Work from Home Tips – to support your mental health while working from home.

1. Stick to a regualr sleep schedule: It might be tempting to stay up late, however sticking to a regular sleep schedule throughout the week will positively impact your mental health and performance.

2. Prepare healthy food ahead of time: This makes it easier to fuel your brain and your body with nourishing energy, rather than with junk food when you’re feeling hungry.

3. Get daily exercise: Use some of the time that you would spend commuting, to engage in some form of exercise. Even going for a walk daily has mental health benefits.

4. Minimize distractions: An example would be to put a social media app blocker on your smart phone.

5. Be aware of your posture: Poor posture can increase your neck and back pain. Look into how you can make your chair, computer screen and keyboard as ergonomic as possible.

6. Don’t sit all day: Get up, stand, strech or move your bosy throughout the day.

7. Make time after work to release the stressors of your day and transition into homelife: Even five minutes a day of deep breathing will have a positive impact on how you feel later in the day.

8. Plan regualar dates with friends and family: Healthy social connections is an important aspect of mental wellbeing. Schedule time to meet with your loved ones outside of work. This gives you something to look forward to and helps you take a break from feeling like you’re still at work.

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