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Cory Burgaretta AAC, ADMH

Addiction Counsellor, Continuation of Care Program

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Cory is certified with the Canadian Addiction Counsellor Certification Federation as an Associate Addiction Counsellor. He graduated from the Stratford Career Institute with a diploma in Drug & Alcohol Treatment Specialist and subsequently completed courses at Fleming College in mental health and addictions.

He graduated from Allison with a diploma in mental health and a certificate in managing health and safety in healthcare-safety management.

Cory began his journey at Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre as a client. After completing his own work, and then volunteering at the centre, he eventually joined the team at Trafalgar as an addiction counsellor in 2018.

Cory has always been passionate about helping others and utilizes his kind and caring nature to assist clients on their road to recovery.

Cory has the unique opportunity to help clients utilizing his empathy and knowledge of concurrent mental health and addiction to navigate through the first two years of a client’s recovery by providing Continuation of Care & Aftercare support.

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