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Frank F. Mazzawi, CCAC, CSW

Continuation of Care Program Manager & Addictions Counsellor

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Frank Fadeel Mazzawi, CAAC, is a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counsellor in Canada.

He graduated from Everest College, with a diploma in Addictions and community service worker. He graduated from Ryerson University, with a certification in psychology, with a Concentration in Addiction Studies.

Frank continues to Advance his education by pursuing his B.A. in Psychology.

He has a passion for his profession and recovery and has been working in the recovery field since 2011.

He has been clean and sober since 2009.

Frank is a dedicated Addiction Counsellor with years of experience working for many outstanding treatment centres and considers Trafalgar Residence one of the best.

His passion lies in helping people identify their self-defeating behaviours and learning to let them go. Frank gives the tools to use emotions instead of the emotions controlling you.

He is a client-centred clinician, who is known for his excellent rapport building skills, his warmth and caring nature with clients, and his accurate empathy skills. Frank has committed his life to working with and supporting those seeking recovery.

Frank is also helping our clients after their graduation through our unique offering, Continuation of Care.

You can learn more about him by reading our blog post.

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