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Kelby Salisbury

Addictions Counsellor, Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

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Kelby Salisbury is a dedicated addictions counsellor with a passion for helping individuals overcome their struggles with substance abuse and addiction.

With personal experience of mental health and family history of addiction and years of experience within the field, Kelby has developed a deep understanding of the challenges individuals face when attempting to overcome mental health and addiction and is committed to providing compassionate and effective support to those in need.

Kelby has a Bachelor of Social Work and diploma in mental health and addiction with an Indigenous specialization. She is known for her warmth, empathy, and ability to create a safe and supportive environment for clients.

Kelby believes that every individual has the capacity for growth and change and is dedicated to helping individuals build the skills and strategies needed to overcome addiction and live happy, fulfilling lives in recovery.

When Kelby is not at work she spends time with her dog Haze.

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