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Maria F. Serrano, Hon.B.Sc., M.Div., R.P. CSAT (Candidate)

Clinical Therapist, Residential Program

Our Team >> Maria F. Serrano, M.Div., RP

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I believe that in the refining processes of life, those critical moments where an individual’s sense of self is shattered and their vulnerabilities are revealed, every individual needs a genuine encounter with a person that would meet them in the weakest and most vulnerable point of their lives, to listen, encourage, and empower them to press on.

A relationship whose value lies on the deeply rooted desire and determination to impart hope, foster growth and ignite the process of strengthening their sense of self.

My approach to Psychotherapy is client-centred and strength-based. I believe that the client, as an expert on their struggles and/or suffering, has the key to promote positive changes and achieve success despite the difficulties they face.

Consequently, my focus is on the client’s ability to withstand adversity and further highlight their hidden potential to overcome challenges.

My goal is to create a genuine connection that offers the possibility of change, healing, and growth.

In this process, I use a variety of techniques from evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Solution Focus Therapy, to help clients recognize their strengths.

Struggles are part of life and they have the potential to shape and strengthen our character.

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