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Raymond Moore, ICADC

(Former) Clinical Director, Residential Program

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Raymond Moore does not currently work at Trafalgar.

Raymond has more than 13 years of counselling experience and he is an internationally certified addictions counsellor. Raymond has worked with numerous treatment facilities and he is a well-respected member of the recovery community.

Raymond Moore is Director of Residential Programming at Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres. Trafalgar Rehab Centres is a leader in the mental health and addiction field that offers a wide arrange of services to clients and family members.

Raymond strives to find innovative ways to provide effective treatment for individuals struggling with Addiction and concurrent disorder / mental health issues. Raymond is an advocate of meeting the client where they are at in the recovery process and works to create a comfortable, safe, and beneficial space to work on recovery.

Raymond has been in the field of addictions and mental health for the past 13 years. Working in numerous residential settings across the province, Raymond develops programming for clients that are interactive and engaging.

Raymond believes that learning styles are crucial to take into consideration when treating any client. Raymond not only uses his education but utilizes his personal experiences with recovery as well. Raymond shared that his goals are to reach as many people as possible and to provide them with the best quality of care.

He is one of the co-hosts of the podcast series: Straight Talk Recovery.

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